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Floating solar system

Water floating type photovoltaic power station refers to solve the large area by traditional photovoltaic photovoltaic power plants in the pond, small lakes, reservoirs, coal mining subsidence area, the lake, such as construction of water environment. Floating type photovoltaic power station with the same area of the ground or roof power station 11% multiple power, the project internal rate of return is higher than the ground or roof power station. In the next few years, China's floating type photovoltaic power plant installed capacity will reach more than 3GW.

Currently, France, Japan, Southeast Asia, Brazil and some European and American countries are vigorously develop the floating water photovoltaic, France day and company (Ciel & Terre water floating body do the most successful, is currently the most water floating power plant project of the floating body were by the company provided for. At present in the water floating power plant overall in the development stage, do better with peaks of new energy, Bo Wu, ikang company.
Floating photovoltaic
A water floating on the land relative to the conventional photovoltaic PV advantages and disadvantages.
Floating type photovoltaic mainly has the following advantages:
The conservation of land: the establishment of the water, does not occupy land resources, can reduce the cost of land requisition.
The increasing power generation: water cooling effect on the photovoltaic module, can inhibit the increase of surface temperature components, resulting in higher power generation. Based on the analysis of the Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, large-scale water photovoltaic power plant experiment, due to the cooling effect of the water, the panels generating capacity increased about 11%. (refer to the floating plants than near the location of the ground station power generation efficiency high above 11% in 2014 July issue of the International Journal of software engineering and Its Applications ": Http://www.sersc.org/journals/IJSEIA/vol8_no1_2014/7.pdf excitement Http://www.sersc.org/journals/IJSEIA/vol8_no1_2014/7.pdf Vol.8, No.1 (2014), pp.75-84, http://dx.doi.org/10.14257/ijseia.2014.8.1.07)
The evaporation and propagation of algae: solar panels will be covered on the surface of the water, the theory can reduce the water evaporation, inhibit algae breeding, is conducive to the protection of water resources.
Convenient operation and maintenance (4): photovoltaic power plant construction in the water can reduce the pollution of dust to the component and convenient cleaning component, and miscellaneous personnel and animal inaccessible components, can effectively prevent the personnel and animal of component failure.
Tourism benefits: PV modules arranged in order on the vast water can as a distinctive scenic spots, become the area of a landscape, tourism benefits.
Sixthly, to avoid shading component: comparative land, water is relatively open, can effectively avoid the mountains and woods with the component occlusion, solar irradiation area uniform and light for a long time.
Seventhly, reduce tracking system cost: assembly angle, spacing, convenient installation and operation of solar tracking system, does not need to be on board of each battery installed dual axis tracking system, greatly reduced cost tracking system.
The cost savings: no component basis and foundation and support bracket, saving cost, saving cost.
The consumptive convenient: built in the distance to the village, city closer to the waters can be nearest consumptive, reduce grid is difficult, rationing and other unfavorable factors and improve the efficiency.
Floating type PV also exist some disadvantages:
1. Flotation devices require high: floating water PV need floating equipment support photovoltaic panels, floating frame against corrosion resistance, low density, frost resistance and anti wave, life, bearing capacity etc. are higher.
Site II demanding: floating type water photovoltaic farm sites should be selected in a wider area, stabilizing runoff, low wind speed, light conditions are good, level changes a little, the conditions for the development of good, no large-scale shipping, ecological non sensitive areas.
The uncertain factors: wind, water level, ice and other factors have great influence on the PV module has at the same time, the monitoring of water quality, the water has no adverse effects on fish and plants.
4 difficult construction: construction process should take into account many factors, water operation it is very difficult to use heavy machinery etc. high efficiency construction, process the relative requirements more, the time limit for a project is also a corresponding increase. To dive or on board a lot of homework. The ship operation needs to balance and safety, can not damage the dam pool and other facilities.
Water floating on the economic performance of pv:
From the point of view of the photovoltaic power plant economic benefits, compared with the conventional large ground stations (from the land to the component installation) cost of the yuan 1~1.3 /WP, around the water floating type photovoltaic power plants cost 2 yuan / WP (including floating body and component installation), if can increase 11% of generating capacity, comprehensive unit price will decline by 0.7 yuan /WP, basic and ground station cost amounts.

Floating solar system
The development of science and technology to make solar bracket light fever
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Thin-Film Mid Module Clamps
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