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The development of science and technology to make solar bracket light fever
For thousands of years, the development of our country has been in continuous, both in the field of science and technology or in the engineering construction, the development in the field of science and technology mainly in the development of intelligent technology in China, and we are constantly developing new energy, let our children and grandchildren to live in better, said the new energy, solar energy have to say, its energy is very great, so now we have developed a lot of solar energy series products, which also makes the solar support our praise, because only with the solar energy products to solar support we get more sufficient sunlight!
Solar bracket angle generally is composed of solar irradiation angle and the local latitude, south of the Yangtze River region can choose 36 ° ~45 ° bracket, the area north of the Yangtze River can choose 45 ° ~51 ° bracket, after installation in order to achieve the best sun angle, obtained the highest heat collecting effect. At present, there are two kinds of solar bracket angle on the market, respectively is 38 ° and 45 °. So according to the use of different solar bracket angle adjustment, so as to better for the utilization of solar energy, let it for our benefit!
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Floating solar system
The development of science and technology to make solar bracket light fever
      Standardizing Brackets
Thin-Film Mid Module Clamps
Installation Date:November,2011
System Size:1.5MW
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