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Overview of solar stent
As the name suggests is the solar energy solar bracket bracket factory provide for solar products in accordance with the support part can be divided into solar energy bracket (solar water heater bracket) and solar photovoltaic bracket
Solar energy is the solar water tank support elements, is an important part of solar energy, plays an important role in the promotion of solar energy.
Now, solar stent is a small independent industry develops, more and more enterprises producing solar stent, the stent is separate from the solar water heater industry division of labor. In the popularization process of solar water heater, solar stent played an important role, has become one of the most important parameters for people to buy solar water heater.
In some areas more day-to-day wind, especially in coastal areas, solar water heaters in the home purchase should also note that the product in the design if there is resistance. The solar water heater general quality is good, the solar energy bracket is used in aluminum alloy frame, thick and solid.
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Floating solar system
The development of science and technology to make solar bracket light fever
      Standardizing Brackets
Thin-Film Mid Module Clamps
Installation Date:November,2011
System Size:1.5MW
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