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A solar photovoltaic stent placement
With the improvement of living standards, more and more extensive use of solar energy. We know how to fix the solar and solar stent is essential.
How to put solar mounting position, how to put is reasonable? Jiangsu Weier hardware limited company for you to answer: in fact about solar stent placement is very simple, as long as a few points can be selected. Note that the installation angle, orientation, location and quality requirements and load requirements, arrangement and spacing were requirement is the angle is equal to or close to install local latitude, towards appropriate for the south, is the place where the ground or roof, the quality requirement is that the service life of not less than 20 years, to comply with the wind load, snow load, seismic requirements, can choose the arrangement combining local sunshine.
Changzhou Zixu photoelectric Co Ltd, R & D, production, sales of solar PV system, construction and after sale service mission, the fixed earth support systems, fixed roof support system, a single axis tracking system and two axis tracking system is successfully applied in the field of photovoltaic system integration. Tel: +86-519-8919 1706, mobile phone: 13685206726
Floating solar system
The development of science and technology to make solar bracket light fever
      Standardizing Brackets
Thin-Film Mid Module Clamps
Installation Date:November,2011
System Size:1.5MW
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